Look at yourself with love.

Look at yourself with love_article tile.png

I used to have a serious eye roll response to the selfie.

As in, what could possibly more self-centred and narcissistic then taking a picture of yourself?

And then I read an interesting and provocative article about the selfie as a feminist act.

(WARNING: feminism talk ahead. Invitation to stay open even if you don't relate to or like the word.)

This article explored the self-portrait as a way to "seize the gaze", to assume control over who is looking at and representing us.

This is of particular interest and importance for women, and those who identify as female.


Because throughout history, women have primarily been presented and represented in various art and media forms via the male gaze.

By contrast, selfies provide an opportunity for women and those identifying as females to present and represent themselves, via their own gaze.

So, I've been experimenting with the selfie.

As a way to show up, be seen, share something of myself, and yes, as an expression of self-love.

So, I’m wondering what it would feel like to cast your curious eyes upon yourself and capture an image that reflects you to you, through your own gaze.

Capture and share yourSELF.

See if you can do it without self-consciousness or shame.

See if you can do it with love and pride and kindness.

Here’s me.

Karen Ward