My name is Karen and I’m* so pleased to welcome you to the online HQ for Curiosity Global.

(Our real world HQ is in Montreal.)

This space is a brand new virtual laboratory, living room and playground for people just like me and you...rabble-rousing explorers, seekers and creators who thrive on curiosity, creativity and contribution.


How did we get here?

A couple of years ago, I started a noticing and picture-taking project called My Curious Eyes when I was living in Lisbon.

As that project gained momentum (Season 9 is happening soon, sign up HERE!), it became clear that I needed a new container to hold and house the writing, and creative and community projects I wanted to explore and host...because they were so different from the training, team-building and facilitation work I did (and still do) as the Founder of Curiosity Inc.

So, Curiosity Global became that very container, and here we are!

What you can expect...

I’ll be writing and sharing articles a couple of times a week about my own curiosities, projects and personal experiments. We** run the FREE My Curious Eyes project four times a year, once each quarter. And over the coming months we will also start offering paid pop-up projects and selling curiosity-inspiring products.

Tell us what you need.

We want to help you get and stay connected to your curiosity and creativity so don’t you dare be shy about telling us what you need and what you’re struggling with...what makes it hard to do the creative things you want to do? What makes it challenging be curious and open and interested? You can drop us a note and tell us all about it.


*”I” and “me” will always refer to me, Karen. :)

**”We” refers to incredibly dynamic global community that’s growing here. We’re hundreds strong and want to grow and grow so we can facilitate incredible creative and curious change all around the world. So, bring your friends!

And “we” also refers to the excellent and amazing team who helps me (Karen) do the things we do. There’s Stef the super designer, Lateisha the email guru, Lauren the website whiz, and Carole the person who routinely saves me (Karen) from myself. #teamcuriosity