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My Curious Eyes Season 7 starts June 3!

Hello curious friend! 

Thanks for your interest in My Curious Eyes, a global noticing and picture-taking project that started in March of 2017 in Lisbon.  

Now, more than 250 people across the globe gather online every few months to cast their curious eyes around their lives and share what they can see. For two weeks, they venture out into the world and snap and post a picture based on a daily, single-word prompt.

This project is one of my very favourite things. It fosters connection, mindfulness and an appreciation for the interestingness and beauty that's all around us. If we're curious enough to see it. 

It’s inspiring.  




And just plain delightful.  

Season 7 will is launching on Monday, June 3 and it will run through until Friday, June 14, 2019. If you'd like to join us for Season 7, please sign up below and we'll send along all the details.

Looking forward to it!


Karen Ward

CCEO, Curiosity Global

(Chief Curious Eyeballs Officer, obviously!)

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